What our customers are saying

Christina L.

"Geo and Kim have done an amazing job with their new location. Beautiful space, wonderful ambiance and per the norm DELECTABLE food! They always make me feel at home."

Javad S.

"If you live in Crown Hill, know that your neighborhood has been blessed with the 

best new restaurant in Seattle!" 

Rachel W.

"BEAUTIFUL classy decor, live music, full bar, open late, and most importantly, 


Will be back as often as possible!!! "

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Geo’s opens a new restaurant in Greenwood

02/17/2018  Geeky Swedes  Ballard

The owners of Geo’s Cuban & Creole in Ballard have opened a second location, Geo’s Bar and Grill, near the corner of Holman Rd. and Greenwood Ave. N.  

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